-Training Topics-



  • Harassment Prevention - Management           2.0 hours

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention - Employee     1.0 hour

  • Business Ethics                                        1.0 hour

  • Customer Service                                      45 minutes

  • Leadership                                              Customized

  • Coaching Techniques                                 Customized

  • Addressing Performance Concerns                Customized

Workshops (1/2 day or full day)

Recruit and Go! Series

Finding the Right Talent and Launching a High-Performance, Responsive Organization. Series includes,

  • Recruitment   - Finding and Hiring the Right People

  • Retention      - Getting the Most from Your Employee's

  • Workplace     - Total Compensation

  • Organization  - Develop your Organization

School Career Days - Free to Middle School - Colleges 

  • Stress Management                                          45 minutes 

  • Personal Branding                                            45 minutes 

How to package yourself so future employers know you are a great recruit.

  • Social Media Safety                                          45 minutes

How to be productive and safe on social media. This session reminds young leaders that what they post and how they post is important.