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Business Services

Our Expertise

Seeking a strategic business partner to navigate daily personnel challenges? incHRement places Human Resources at the core of your business agility. Let us elevate your organizational effectiveness through tailored HR solutions.
Strategy & Organization

Be the Employer of Choice with Agile business practices. 

Be prepared when business is always changing and never the same. 

We work with all aspects of the employee work life cycle. From recruitment to retirement.

Ask about agile best practices that your organization can put in place right away. 

Corporate Development

Executive Recruitment


Train your leaders to ensure the best organizational culture.


We have your Predictive Index, team communication style discovery available for your organization.

Executive Coaching

Training Topics

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Sexual Harassment Prevention

Leadership Training

Coaching Techniques

Goal Setting

New Management Training

Discipline/Addressing Performance Concerns

Health and Safety

Business Ethics and Transparency

Customer Service

Stress Management

Basic Media Safety & Training

Stress Awareness

Customized Topics Available 

Retained Services

Gain advice on various HR topics.


HR Services available by email, phone or in-person.

Minimum of 5 hours per month.

Policies & Procedures

Bring policy handbooks up to date and in compliance.

Review older versions of a policy manual and recommend best practices and up to date revisions. 

Customized by industry and organizational culture.


Fair Labor Standards

Overtime Rules

Handbook Review



Total Compensation - Pay and Benefits, Salary Review

Legal Compliance

OSHA/Safety Review


Performance Review

Contractor vs. Employee

Exempt vs. Non Exempt

Personnel Files

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